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Who We Are

This That New officially launched on January 5th 2013. We started as a music-focused blog. Since then, we have refined our choice in music, paying more attention to those who help progress the culture and now focus on other areas including fashion, film, architecture, photography design and technology. Although we’re still dedicated to showcasing great music, we now target the 18-26 year old creatives and early adopter, whilst providing some news accessible to masses.

General Submissions:

While we do go accept music submissions, for the most part we prefer to find the music we want to cover ourselves. But from time to time, something does make our way to the inbox that we feel sits in line with our content. Our email is, so if you are an artist, fashion designer, or a filmmaker etc, when emailing us, please remember to write in the subject, for e.g.  “MUSIC Submission” or “FILM Submission” etc. This helps us differentiate what we are receiving.


We can spread your message effectively through our website and with a loyal audience from the UK, US & Canada, Central Europe and Australia, we can really help you expand your brand. We offer bespoke press releases, personalised emails to bloggers at some of the most established websites, seeding to over 2000 blogs and more.


We’re also open to running ads on our website, including banner ads, leaderboards, skyscrapers and homepage takeovers. Please email for prices, with “ADS” in your subject.

And just one friendly reminder, please refrain from sending links to us on Twitter or messaging us on Facebook, we use our social networks to interact with our readers, we’ve listed the email above for you to send submissions. Thank you! :)


  1. Locksmith Records November 16, 2013 at 9:46 am - Reply

    New Hip/hop Video, from Odinareh Bingwa from Kenya.
    He is set to release is debut album “HD [Hopes & Dreams]” on Tuesday December 17, 2013. In all the top digital retail stores.



  2. $ha hef May 13, 2013 at 5:48 am - Reply

    This is another video from artist $ha hef. This artist currently has music video posted on your site. this is also another video by artist $ha hef

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