Blog Post: Is There A Such Thing As “Real” Hip Hop?

Parth Barot May 3, 2013 6

Real Hip Hop
Ohh buddy, can’t believe I’m even gonna try tackling the question above. I’m really hoping you hating ass emos with bitch-made tendencies don’t curse me out in the comment section, even if you do, I guess I can always just click the disapprove button or just close my laptop. Anyway, back to the question. Is there such thing as real Hip Hop? Well let’s go exploring mayne..

Right, you annoying Tupac fans that are still stuck in 1994 talking that “Oh Hip Hop ain’t as good as it used to be.” Oh quit your whining and get the ENTIRE fuck away from this side of the internets. That is such a lame statement to make, there are a tonne of great artists all over the internet, let alone in the real world, where on God’s earth are you looking and failing to find something? Yo cave perhaps? Listen, the radio and TV in 2013 isn’t exactly a reliable source for music and by listening to Gucci Mane, Juicy J or any other southern Turn Up Kings or Trap artists doesn’t mean there isn’t good music. The key is to knowing where to go. Having said that, there’s always time for fun and ignorant music, I wouldn’t necessarily say Juicy J makes good music from a technical standpoint, but his music is fun as hell. Look at my example below and tell me your shoulders weren’t bouncing like you cold as shit.

Everything has it’s place, Trap music and other similar sub genres of Hip Hop are perfect for the clubs or for warming up crowds at shows, but you don’t have to listen to it all the time. There are many people who allow themselves to be exposed only to that type of music, but you know, Google could be your best friend if you let it. I’m tryna figure out what my point is, oh yeah, I’m just rambling on about you naysayers. So yeah, don’t judge Hip Hop based off a sub-genre, there are perfectly a decent number of artists that make quality music, for example.

Now just because certain rap music that isn’t considered ‘good’ in your books doesn’t mean it’s not ‘real’ Hip Hop. What is real Hip Hop? Rhyming with substance or just that real shit? But what’s real shit? Honesty within raps or that boom-bap 90s shit? If it’s the latter, then you are wrong brozay, Hip Hop doesn’t have to stick to the traditional formal for it to be considered real Hip Hop. I would put Waka Flocka, Homeboy Sandman, Wiz Khalifa, Young Jeezy, Slick Rick, Outkast and yes, even MC Hammer in to this genre we call Hip Hop. And I totally get that although Hip Hop started as just rap music over dance beats, it evolved in to a music genre that helped its people in the streets and it was therapeutic. But, people forget that Hip Hop is a culture that is made up of four different elements, which include graffiti, break dancing, DJ’ing, and of course, rapping.

Real Hip Hop
Rapping.. Think about it. Rapping. To rap is to merely talk a bunch of shit. Who cares what you’re saying as long as you’re melodically speaking, technically you are still rapping, right? But they say, yo man 2 Chainz ain’t a real rapper unlike Mos Def or Talib Kweli or Kendrick Lamar or Biggie or Nas or whoever the fuck they wanna list, but I think that stems from the fact that Hip Hop truly turned in to an art-form during the 90s, which I totally respect and I’m all for it. I genuinely have a lot of love for those who take the time to write a verse filled with metaphors, wordplay, similes, various rhyme patterns etc, that isn’t an easy thing to do and I commend those who strive to keep this art-form alive. I wanna take it back though, you remember Sugarhill Gang? Of course you do. Well, if you really listen to what they were saying, they ain’t really saying anything substantially different to what certain rappers say today, obviously the content is different but it’s still just as basic as each other. “I said a Hip.. Hop, a Hippy to the Hoppety, a Hip Hip Hoppety Hop..” Now you could argue that once a kid has learnt how to play the piano at grade 8, why the fuck is he gonna play Mary Had A Lil’ Ass Lamb? Play that Bach shit for fucks sake. You better than that homie. And they say the same thing about MCs today. If we went from Sugarhill Gang to LL Cool J to Nas, why are we going back to Sugarhill Gang? And that’s no disrespect to Sugarhill, they were one of the first to help establish this genre we all love, but you get what I mean right? And it’s a good point, surely we could continue to progress?

Real Hip Hop

And yes we frickin’ should, but two things: 1.) Sometimes we take rap music to seriously, why can’t people just have fun with it, why does it always have to be on some lyrical miracle spiritual type shit? And 2.) we need balance. At a time when you had Wu Tang Clan, Jay-Z, A Tribe Called Quest, Tupac and all these great progressive and lyrical artists, there was still room for the more basic and fun artists like Kriss Kross, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Kid & Play etc to make their mark on the music scene. But we’re lacking that so badly today, I haven’t even bothered to put on Choice FM or turn on MTV Base to listen to music for over 2 years now, because I know all I am going to get is Flo-Rida, Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Drake and Nicki Minaj. And once again I’m not taking shots at these people, I’m just saying I’m not tryna hear a Top 10 type of single 24 hours a day, give me that for like a couple of hours, but then give me something old school, then give me something wild like Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky, then something smooth like Curren$y, Hip Hop needs to be far more balanced on a mainstream level. Now for someone like me, that’s cool because I know where to go to get me some ‘good’ music, but I know if I want something commercial and radio friendly, I can either turn on the radio/TV or even hit up Vevo. I think the main reason as to why some people say real Hip Hop is dead is because they don’t know where to find the music they’re looking for. If you want lyrical rap music with substance, why not give Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Joey Bada$$, Ab-Soul, Skyzoo and these other guys a listen? They’re all very reminiscent of the Golden Era, but bring it with a modern day twist.

Real Hip Hop
So with all of this being said, for the most part it seems like the people who don’t know where to find the music they’re after, usually say either Hip Hop is dead and that mainstream artists aren’t ‘real’ Hip Hop. But if you care for my opinion, this is where I stand. Musically speaking, there isn’t a such thing as real Hip Hop. Music is subjective so you may have your views on what good music is or isn’t but Hip Hop is Hip Hop. If you rap, you make Hip Hop. And yes that includes everyone from Bow Wow to Immortal Technique to Mac Miller. Just move with the times, explore the internet, there’s tonnes of artists online on here spamming the shit out of YouTube, holla at dudes like @JDotArtist, I’m sure he’s got that fiyah..

Let me leave you with a lil’ something.


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    Will there be a part 2?

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  3. Hyde October 9, 2013 at 9:25 am - Reply

    Nothing towards you, peace&hugs

  4. Hyde October 9, 2013 at 9:22 am - Reply

    No such thing as real hip hop. Hip hop and rap. Hip hop is a movement. Hip hop is suppose to move you, help you grow as a person. Then there’s this group of people talking about being gangsters, having money, smoking weed, getting ass, clubbing, drinking, money, falling in love, having egos, showing off, money, bitches, etc etc.. Same topics. Then we have another group of people (technique, atmosphere, dead Perez, vinny Paz) splitting some knowledge exposing the truth, talking about life, real life situations, family, loving yourself, creative ass shit you would never hear on the radio. Cause people in the White House want you lower class to stay that way, stupid and ignorant with your ego the size of your head. Underground hip hop has saved my life . Guys don’t understand the power of people’s voices(music). A wise man once said “our songs are suppose to be the voice of our souls” -brother ali

  5. boom July 8, 2013 at 4:36 am - Reply

    where the hell is whyclef?bow wow juicy j

    • Parth Barot July 8, 2013 at 1:22 pm - Reply

      Why did you want to see those artists in this post?

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